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New End Mills and Grinding Burrs for Glass Ceramic

CVD-D ball nose end mills

Diamond torus grinding burrs with sintered diamond binder

Diamond ball nose grinding burrs with electroplated diamond binder

Logo FRANKEN Dental

FRANKEN, the milling cutter specialist within the EMUGE-FRANKEN company association, expands its extensive product line FRANKEN Dental  with additional tools. The new CVD-D end mills and diamond grinding burrs are particularly designed for the process -reliable machining of glass ceramic.

Thick-layer diamond (CVD-D) is the hardest cutting material on the market with the least wear next to natural diamond. The fine microstructure of the cutting material enables the production of very sharp and highly precise cutting edges.

The new  solid carbide ball nose end mills with 6 mm shank diameter use the new CVD-D technology. They are available in the common diameters 1,5mm, 2mm and 3mm and in various neck lengths. Thus,  they always enable an ideal tool dimension for all applications and the use on all common machines with tool cooling.  The cutting material CVD-D  makes it possible to machine glass ceramic with conventional milling strategies. It enables the use of a lower pressure during machining which is advantageous for instance when broaching cavities, because the risk of chipping of the glass ceramic is drastically reduced.

The new grinding burrs for roughing and finishing of glass ceramic are available in two versions: a basic version with electroplated diamond coating and a high-end version with sintered diamond binder. The high-end grinding burrs with their very high concentricity and dimensional accuracy additionally offer the advantage that they are self-sharpening and  they can be redressed. Both versions of grinding burrs are available with different diamond grain sizes, head shapes and with 3mm or 6mm shank diameters. Available as ball nose -, torus-  or tapered round-nose grinding burrs, they cover the entire range of glass ceramic machining. Combined with plenty of coolant lubricant during machining, they ensure the process reliable machining of the very hard und difficult to machine glass ceramic.

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