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Precision tools for medical technology

Precision tools for medical technology

Products of medical technology save lifes and improve human quality of life. The expectations towards product quality and effi ciency of production rise due to continual development and new technologies.

EMUGE-FRANKEN as a leading manufacturer of precision tools has placed great emphasis on this topic. A comprehensive product range is offered for the machining of medical technology products:

Key benefits:

  • Milling Tools (solid carbide and HSS)
  • Twist drills
  • Thread cutting tools (taps, cold-forming taps, thread milling cutters)
  • Thread gauges
  • Workpiece clamping and tool clamping

A worldwide network with sales offi ces and technical service staff ensures individual consulting, the development of the ideal machining strategy or individually developed tools according to customer requirements.

On the following pages suitable tools and their cutting data are shown along with possible examples in the machining of endoprostheses and surgical instruments.

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